Thanks and Upcoming Gigs 

Thanks to everyone who came to listen, Haru, and the crew at Shimokitazawa Breath for last nights gig.

I had a fun time and hope you all did too. 

If you couldn't make it down, I hope you can make the next couple coming up. 


March 6 at What the Dickens. I'll be playing all night with a mix of original and covers. 

April 7 at The Lighthouse Pub in Kokubunji. I will be playing with Robert Taira Wilson and Weedram for their 9th Anniversary Party. 

If you want to be kept up to date with gigs, please send me your email and I will add you to the mailing list. 


Thank you. 

Playing vs Listening 

What would you do? Play or Listen?

I often wish I could do more of both. The more I hear live acts, the more inspired I get to improve my performance and also write more.

Next week I get to do this. 

I can't wait to go and listen to Zane Carney on Sunday January 21st. This guy is super talented.

Later in the week I am playing in Shimokitazawa Breath (January 25th) with some great acts. 

Maybe I will see you there. 


TELL Vol 22 Gig a Great Success! 

Well done to TELL for another great event to raise funds for Tokyo Lifeline. 

TELL Vol 22, saw a bunch of fun bands and solo artists come together in support of this great cause.

The crowd were great all night and supported strongly by dipping into their change and donating over 1000 dollars. 

I was giving away CD's if you donated on the night but ran out. I will be playing at What the Dickens again on November 21. Please come down and let me know if you donated. I will give you a free CD if you did. 

Thanks to Hiromi, John, Nate and everyone else involved with this event. 

Thanks to Shoestring Sessions 

We had a great night at BrewDog Bar in Roppongi last night. There was a great crowd and the place was buzzing. Thanks to all who came down to see Don and I play. That was the first outing for Don Cosgrove and myself as a duo. It was a lot of fun having some bass added to the bottom end of the songs and Don did a great job. 

Thanks to Iain and Mark for organizing, to Ian and the bar staff at BrewDog, thank you for great service and product.

Don and I will be playing again on March 19, at Papera Restaurant in Shinjuku, if you would like to come and see us again.


Gig at BrewDog, Roppongi - Feb 26th 

After an unexpected trip home and missing the last gig at Papera, I'm looking forward to playing The Shoestring Sessions hosted by Iain Naughton at BrewDog Bar Roppongi. Don Cosgrove on bass, will be joining me. 
I love the line up I get to play with as well. A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon/evening. I hope you can join us all. 

The Shoestring Sessions

The Shoestring Sessions Featuring 
Rock’n’Flow, Salmon Sperm Sparxxs, Kate Beck, Grant Rolls, Matty B, Koji Tamura (D.O.G.S.) plus Pie'n'Beans (DJ Set). 


The ShoeString Sessions returns this month with a heady mix for you. This month features Chiba noisy boys Rock’n’Flow make a long awaited return, songstress and lovely lady Kate Beck, the gentleman of many voices and top bloke Grant Rolls, one man wonder and podcast entrepreneur Matty B, gravel throated and mostly shirtless Koji Tamura (D.O.G.S.), and I am very very happy to announce the madness and sonic whirlwind that is Salmon Sperm Sparxxs will make their acoustic debut where almost anything could happen. Plus birthday DJ sets from the legend that is Chiharu Withers (plus her bearded Iron Bru fuelled husband) as Pie'n'Beans.

New Music Video On Its Way! 

Hi all, 
A new music video by Matt De Sousa is on its way soon. I am so excited about this project. Just saw a cut today and really happy with it. 

A heads up as I have a gig coming up on January 22 at Papera in Shinjuku as part of the Live from The Kitchen Disco series.

This will be one of the few solo gigs for the future with a new project starting up. Looking forward to playing some electric and getting back to my roots in Indie Rock.

New Music Videos 

I have just posted some new music videos on my youtube page.
Some are live performance from from a gig at Livehouse Anga in Chiba.
The most recent one is my attempt at an archive footage based music video for my song "Never Stop Me". The footage is from an old Greyhound bus short film promo.
It seems advertising used to be done as a short film rather than a 30 second advert.
I hope you enjoy. Please comment on the videos with your thoughts. 

New gigs and songs on the way shortly as well!

Grant Rolls Music Video Playlist

Gigs for June-Sep  Podcast

Starting to piece together the next set of gigs with a holiday to NZ in the middle. 
June 23 - Pink Cow, Roppongi
June 26 - Papera, Shinjuku
Aug 11 - Anga Live, Chiba
Aug 18 - What the Dickens, Ebisu (with Chris from Liquid Courage)
Sep 9 - What the Dickens, Ebisu (TELL Event)

Hopefully see you at some of these...or all (I'll buy you a beer if you make all of them!)
  1. Fish Bowl



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